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CCTV camera

Has someone been vandalizing your property? Have you had anything stolen from your house recently but don't know who did it? Lakeview Alarms, Inc. has your solution. Security cameras can help you catch vandals and intruders in the act. Our premium grade camera systems can be placed anywhere and see even in low light situation!

Boost your home's protection with surveillance

All new installations come with a one-year warranty!

  • CCTV cameras

  • Hidden cameras

  • Infrared cameras

  • Motion-activated cameras

  • Door cameras

  • Nanny cameras

Pick the camera system that's right for you

Each security camera system can operate differently. Some cameras are strictly for recording, some are just for live feeds and some can do it all. We'll help you figure out exactly which camera system works best for you depending on your needs. Lakeview Alarms, Inc. has been helping people install and utilize camera systems in Heber Springs for over 23 years.

View your camera feeds live or record them to look at later

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