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Alarm fitting

Lakeview Alarms has the equipment and service you need to feel secure.  Lakeview Alarms, located in Heber Springs, AR, has been in business 24 years.  We provide you with quality equipment, backed with a guarantee, experienced licensed technicians and exceptional customer service. We don't quit working for you when the system is installed.  We continue to offer customer support for as long as you need us!

The right security system for your home or business

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For situations where your landline phone is not available and you need to set off the alarms manually or lock the doors from outside your house, you can use our GSMX cellular communicator.


Is your existing security system safe enough for your home or business? Call Lakeview Alarms, Inc. today to have our technicians test your system today. No matter if it’s a public building, nursing home, or your home, our technicians can test the strength and efficiency of your security system! Call for annual or monthly testing for your residential or commercial property.

Affordable testing is available!

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LICENSE # E92-14