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Alarm testing

Your first step in testing your security system is to call Security Central at 800-286-5699 and ask them to put your system in "test" mode. Activate your alarm like an actual emergency by opening a protected door and pressing your panic or hold-up buttons. Allow your sirens to sound off for a minute and then shut off your system. Call Security Central and verify that they received an alarm signal and then have them take your system off "test" mode.

Make sure your security system is working

All new installs have a one-year warranty on parts and labor. You can also receive extended coverage at the end of each year.

You always want to make sure you system is working after certain situations. You should test your system after a severe lightning storm, prior to leaving for vacation, or after installing new internet.

Test your system at specific times

There are many people every year who are victims of burglary and break-ins. These intruders will sometimes have gotten information from the home owners over the phone, allowing them to get access. You never know if someone is pretending to be a telemarketer to try and get personal information from you. The best way to avoid this entirely is to not talk to any telemarketers.

Don't ever talk to telemarketers!

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